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Adult and Family Magic Show Descriptions   
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Do You Want A Party That Your Guests Will Be Talking About Long After The Party Ends?
My Comedy Magic Shows feature amazing magic that will entertain and totally astound everyone --- from ages 5 to 95!

We just wanted to thank you again for providing such fun and fascinating entertainment at mom's 93rd birthday party. You delighted the group with your humor and magical acts and long after your show was over, I heard guests still talking about your performance and trying to figure out how you managed some of those tricks. Everyone got a hoot out of your "coffin" story, among the many others you delivered. It was a memorable time - imagine celebrating your 93rd birthday and you helped make it even more memorable. Kay & Steve Hunter - Adult Birthday Party (age 93)

All my shows feature Comedy Magic where everyone will be amazed at the magic, laughing and having a FUN time!

Our shows are all Family Friendly Entertainment that is appropriate for ALL ages. Never any inappropriate actions or language. The magic is "head-scratching" good -- these aren't ordinary or kid's tricks. This will be an amazing, fun and hands-on experience where everyone gets involved and has a GREAT time!

I provide WORRY FREE entertainment! I bring everything needed to have a GREAT show.

Ken, thank you for such a great performance. It's only been 2 days after the party and I'm already hearing from guests how much fun they had watching your magic. You were entertainment for all ages, children and adults. My wife and I would again like to thank you for a great time at our occasion.
Gerard B Gaurino, Mr. G's Foods

Whether it's at a Dinner Party, Cocktail Party, Social Get Together, Family Reunion, Birthday or Holiday Party, an Awards Banquet, Wedding Reception/Rehearsal Dinner or a Corporate Event -- we will make it special.

We just want to thank you for making Carm's 70th birthday so Ken- tastic!   Everyone had a great time and were truly amazed at all your illusions. You made everyone feel very comfortable and I liked that you had both the kids and adults participate.  It kept both captivated.  We would definitely have you or recommend you for any future parties.  Thanks again for the wonderful memories.   Marcia Blount

We have NO Hidden Costs! The price is all inclusive for a Fantastic Show!
Ken Spanola Magic is RELIABLE  -- I will not miss your party.  In fact, I will arrive early to make sure everything is just perfect for your event.

Call KenTastic at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.


Comedy Magic Show
Whether the audience is an intimate private party of 4 or a large Awards Banquet of 1,000, KenTastic will make it FUN! KenTastic will keep ALL your guests totally entertained with his amazing magic. Borrowed objects will disappear and reappear in the most impossible places, your thoughts will be read and your funny bone tickled in this fun-filled show.
Prepare to be amazed and laugh out loud during this wonderful, fast paced fun show.
We have a 30 or 45-60 minute show that we highly recommend. This show can be customized to fit your time constraints.  
A stage is not needed.
For larger groups (approximately 40 or more) we offer our fantastic 60 or 90 minute Ultimate Comedy Magic Stage Show complete with intimate illusions.  This show blends amazing magic, lots of audience participation, music and KenTastic's unique comedic style into a fun, exciting and memorable entertainment event. Your group becomes a part of the show as KenTastic works with his magical assistant, Melissa, to bring this fast-paced, dynamic, fun-filled, mind-blowing magical experience to you!

Comedy Magic Show
This is the only show where your distinguished guest of honor will magically appear on stage, right before your audience's eyes. What an entrance!
We can adjust the length of this show to fit your schedule. This show is usually performed in a banquet room where a stage is available, but not required.
Call KenTastic TODAY
at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.
Mind Adventures Show
For an evening of truly unbelievable entertainment, our Mind Adventures Show has to be experienced to be believed. Even then, you will walk-out shaking your head in disbelief at what you've just witnessed.
Mind Adventures ShowFrom mind reading to mental mysteries, KenTastic will take the entire audience on a journey of the mind. Your thoughts will be read and revealed, impossible predictions made and the audience will not only experience, but participate in extraordinary feats of ESP.
No two shows are the same as each unique show changes based completely on interaction with the audience.

We have a 30 minute and a 45-60 minute show and the time can be adjusted to meet your event's time constraints. You choose the best fit for your group. This show is great for banquets and client appreciation shows for any size group.

A stage is not required as KenTastic loves to get everyone involved in the fun!
CALL KenTastic TODAY at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.
Strolling or Walk Around Magic
To me, this is the most amazing form of Magic -- and the most difficult to perform as the magic happens right in YOUR hands.
This is sleight of hand magic that uses everyday objects such as coins, cards, rubber bands, dice and many times, objects "borrowed" from the spectator.

I liked how you walked around and entertained everyone. You made my birthday special to me and everyone at my party. You were KenTastic!   Fred Farrar
Walk Around Magic is Magic Up Close & Personal.
No space between you and KenTastic, just outstanding, UP CLOSE and personal magic. The impact on your guests is very powerful and will be talked about for a long time.

Strolling magic is the perfect entertainment for banquets, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, private parties, wedding receptions or any event where a more formal show might not be suitable. Keep your guests happy and having fun at Wedding Receptions while waiting for all the family pictures to get finished and at the Rehearsal Dinner to break the ice for getting the families acquainted.

Thank you very much for entertaining our guests at the Fifth Annual Great American Hot Dog party in October!  We heard from so many people about how great you were.  They all wanted to know who you were and where you came from. I have since let everyone know who you are and highly recommended you.  Thank you again for being part of making this our best party ever.   Ann Sheppard

All this is done while your guests are laughing and having a great time! This is a unique way to break the ice, evoke laughter and promote interaction within the group.  At your event, your guests and business associates will come together as they share the experience of magic being performed at their fingertips!

For the ultimate in entertainment, consider one of our Special Combination Packages where you can combine one of our exciting shows with some amazing Strolling Magic -- at a discounted price.
at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.
Master Of Ceremonies
Do you want your Awards Banquet to be FUN!
Would you like to relax, socialize and enjoy the evening while someone else makes the announcements, introduces the guests and speakers, keeps things lively and fun with comedy and magic, and keep the program flowing smoothly?

That's where Ken Spanola Magic swings into action!
We add humor and magic to enhance your special event -- making it exciting, unique and fun!

All of my guests loved/enjoyed the magic. Everyone really enjoyed your show and thought you were great!   MaryAnne Smith - Strolling Magic (Adult Holiday Party)

As a Dale Carnegie Institute and University of South Florida graduate, KenTastic will add that extra special intangible to your awards banquet or business meeting. KenTastic will keep the program interesting, activities flowing smoothly and make all necessary announcements and introductions.
at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.
Formal Close Up Show
When you want the ultimate in magic, you want this Formal Close Up Show. Similar to Strolling magic where the magic actually happens in YOUR hands, but more elaborate and detailed illusions are presented.

I call this show "Formal" only in the sense that it is a unique show designed for an intimate group of people, usually no more than 20-25 special guests. KenTastic will perform the ultimate in close-up magic and everyone has great fun getting directly  involved in the magic!

Since it is an intimate group, EVERYONE has a close seat so they can really see the amazing magic. This fun show features a lot of audience participation so not only does everyone get involved in the show, the magic happens right in their hands.

No camera tricks, no props or big boxes. Nothing up KenTastic's sleeves, no space between you and the magic.  Just outstanding magic -- UP CLOSE and personal! The magic happens in the hands of the audience. The amazing impact on your guests is very powerful.

This is a fantastic way to make someone feel very special. They will think very highly of you for arranging this special evening of entertainment.

We offer a 30 minute or a 45-60 minute amazing, unforgettable, and FUN Close-Up magic show.
at 813-249-7325 To Reserve Your Special Date.
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